Big Data and Analytics

Smarter decision making through the use of big data

For any enterprise that aspires to be digital and future proof, data is its most important strategic asset. It helps enterprises learn about evolving opportunities, changing consumer expectations, respond to them and thus, remain relevant. Businesses need to use actionable insights from data to optimize their marketing spends- delivering personalized customer experience to maximize ROI, use up-sell and cross-sell strategies to increase revenue, target users with the next-best- product.

Data needs to be interpreted cognitively and leveraged for making data-led decisions across the enterprise. Delivering these valuable insights from large and complex data sets is a key challenge most enterprises face.

With diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities, Innovantes helps enterprises deliver deep personalization with targeted digital solutions and thus, gain full value from digital transformation. We leverage our extensive domain knowledge, data sciences and technical expertise to solve actual business problems and realize assured benefits.

Our Approach

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Achieve deeper customer understanding and more effective marketing

Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring

Leverage our capabilities in data sciences and ML to build accurate scoring models.

Marketing Campaigns Optimization

Marketing Campaign Optimization

Increase ROI on your marketing campaigns by targetting the right customers. Generate higher click-throughs and conversions using AI models.

Lifetime value prediction

Lifetime Value Prediction

Leverage CRM data with predictive analytics to understand and optimize customer lifetime value

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Optimize pricing strategies and reduce revenue leakages to remain ahead of the competition.

Attrition Prediction

Attrition Prediction

Predict customer and employee prediction using predictive analytical modelling and be ahead of the curve.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Optimize inventory levels and forecast customer demand with predictive analytics.

BI and Data Visualization

BI and Data Visualization

Make sense of heaps of data with our Data Visualization techniques. Generate insightful reports focussing on key metrics.

Case Studies

A data-driven digital patient care platform

Achieved over 20% increase in campaign response and over 7% increase in user retention with advanced analytics.


Why Should You Implement Data Analytics Tools for Your Businesses?

Companies today are increasingly looking forward towards investing and thereby, capitalizing on data analytics. This is no more just a new trend that businesses are readily jumping onto, but should be one of the vital parts of your core business strategies. Through da...

15 November 2018
By Innovantes

How Analytics Can Offer A Superior Customer Experience?

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